Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Presidential Candidate Kevin Graham Announces Debate After General Membership Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Dean Angelo has used the Lodge website to send out information regarding a debate tomorrow night. Using the lodge website for electioneering violates the election rules. More importantly, Dean has never discussed the “debate” with me. He picked the location, set the rules, and will receive the questions ahead of time if members aren’t able to make the meeting. This is not a fair and impartial debate.

I look forward to debating Dean Angelo. I am suggesting that we debate on Tuesday March 21, 2017 at the FOP Hall immediately following the FOP meeting at noon. This is the best way to afford all members the opportunity to attend the debates. I am also suggesting we meet with the independent arbitrator sometime this week to set up the ground rules.

We want a fair debate that will allow the members to see both candidates. The dog and pony show that was put together by Dean is unacceptable. No President of this Lodge would or should accept the terms in which Dean set this up.

Hopefully we can come to an agreement and look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday.


Kevin Graham