Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Election Information

Board of Directors Election Reminder:

As you know, the election for the Board of Directors takes place on Friday, March 10, 2017. You should have received your ballot already and if you are mailing it in, you should do that by Monday, March 6th to ensure that it processes through the United States Post Office by Thursday, March 9th.

In the event you have not received your ballot via United States Post Office, or if you've spoiled or lost your ballot; know that you have the option to visit the Lodge Hall on Friday morning, and vote in person. In person, open voting will take place from 0900 hours until 1200 hours. Please bring your FOP ID card and photo ID to vote in person. If you've misplaced your FOP ID card, please visit the Offices on the 3rd floor before coming to the Hall to vote. The Staff in the FOP Offices will provide you with a replacement ID card.

Preliminary procedures for the morning of Friday, March 10th are as follows: the Election Committee, along with the Election Judge will pick up the ballots from the Post Office on Lake and Clinton at 0900 hours on Friday, March 10th. All candidates are invited to witness the pick up and delivery to the Lodge Hall. Any candidates who would like to witness should be at the Hall and ready to travel, in their own vehicles, by 0830 hours on Friday.

Electioneering WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in the FOP building on election day.
Photos and or recordings WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in the FOP building on election day.

The Hall is not open to the media or anyone who is not a member of the Lodge or given permission by the Election Committee, (ie. those assisting the Committee or those counting).

Members are welcome to stay for the duration of the day to witness the results of the election. The results will be released once they are certified by the committee and the Election Judge. We will post the results of the vote on the FOP website as well as emailed immediately upon completion.

Election Committee