Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kevin Graham Responds To Sun Times Article...

Dear Fellow FOP Members,

As many of you already know, the Sun Times, one of the most anti-police newspapers in the country, published an article yesterday suggesting there is a problem with my residency in Chicago. This article appeared at the same time ballots for the runoff election are arriving in members’ mailboxes.

Kevin Graham, FOP Candidate For President

As with so many families, mine hit a rough patch and it was decided that my wife and I should live apart for a short time. My wife is a physician, so she purchased a home in the suburbs closer to where she works. I remained living in Chicago. 

That’s it.

Andy Grimm of the Sun Times seems to think this is newsworthy. We were getting calls last week that this hit piece was circulating around the city. That the Sun Times would put a picture of the house in their story, telling the world where my wife lives, is a despicable act.

Our slate will never put a candidate’s family life in front of the media.


Kevin Graham
Blue Voice Candidate For President