Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Angelo Administration...A Legacy of Firsts

FOP Dean Angelo and his slate have established quite a record of first accomplishments. What are they?:

·      The first, after having been quoted in the Board Minutes as saying, "We will not go back on the “55 and Out” healthcare,” Angelo was actually the "first”  to "go back" on it. Our retirees will now have to pay two percent of their annuity for a lesser health care benefit that Dean agreed to for the retirees.

·      The First to submit "NO" legislation in three years in Springfield...normally past administrations would submit five to ten bills each year.

·      The First to allow the Pension Fund for Retiree Health Care Supplement Legislation to expire and not to introduce legislation to keep it...$95 per month for non-Medicare retirees and $55 per month for Medicare retirees.

·      The First to go along with the City in kicking the can down the road in funding the Pensions properly, beginning in 2016, Dean changed that to 2021, so that now, instead of our pension being funded at 90 percent in, he kicked the can down the road until 2055.

·      The First to jump on with a firefighters bill to pass legislation moving the date forward for the 3 percent COLA, a bill that did not include retroactivity to 2010 or 2015, the years when it should have taken place.  All other legislation moving the date for the 3 percent COLA, including those passed in 2002 and 2006, was retroactive to 2000 and 2005. Because of Dean’s “leadership,” some retirees will lose as much as $11,000.00 in retro pay because of this “first.”

·      The First not to oppose legislation that impacts dramatically the way Police can work when Dean and his friends at the ACLU both worked in tandem in "not" opposing  the passage of  legislation creating the Investigative Stop Reports (ISR). Dean has admitted this report was put together by the…wait for it....ACLU. Let's be as clear as we can be, the FOP under Deans leadership did not oppose the passage of this bill. The proof of this is in the Committee reports of the General Assembly.  Repeat...Dean and the FOP did not oppose the legislation that gave us the Investigative Stop Reports.  

·      The First President to remove "three" elected members of the Board of Directors and replace them with his ass kissers.

·      The First President to bring in an additional Field Rep to the FOP office, bringing the total to seven. Also the first to replace three traditionally appointed Field Reps with 3 others that were not even elected by the Membership.  Breaking his campaign promise to do more with less, Angelo has done less with more, another first.

You be the judge, then vote.