Friday, February 24, 2017

Angelo Plays Last Dirty Election Trick...

It was only a matter of time.

Faced with a membership in near open revolt for his administration awash in accusations of selling out, give backs, and patronage, FOP President Dean Angelo reached into his voluminous bag of dirty tricks and played his last plot in an effort to stay alive in the current election.

Angelo’s handpicked election committee, Frank Balestri, Michael Carroll, and Michael Cosentino announced to the membership that the Blue Voice slate, the favorite to defeat him, violated the election rules.

The horror. The outrage.

And the injustice committed by the Blue Voice slate that compelled Angelo's office to inform each and every member in the middle of voting?

Blue Voice slate presidential candidate Kevin Graham submitted a slightly altered campaign letter. The slight alteration from the original had no meaningful difference. There were no significant changes whatsoever.

That’s it. That’s what required an email blast to all the members.

The two letters are attached below if anyone has any doubts.

But for Angelo, it was a life raft in a swirling ocean of defeat. The election committee, again, picked by Angelo himself, ruled that this was an election violation.
Not only was it an election violation, but it required notifying all the members in the middle of an election in a manner that confuses the members about who they can vote for.

Blue Voice Slate

Looks like Angelo is running the election exactly as he ran the Lodge.  

Is this the lowest Angelo has sunk?

Probably not.

Angelo will likely get a run off election, despite his chicanery through the election committee. That will give him three more weeks to distort, deceive, and plot.

But will it work? Will this dirty trick by the Angelo election committee undermine the election as clearly Angelo hopes it will, or will this tactic strengthen the sentiment among many members about Angelo: that he is the worst president in the history of the FOP?

Will the FOP members decide that he is a guy who will do anything to stay in power, members be damned and that another term of him as president would be a catastrophe?

The Blue Voice slate is alive and well.